Get a free higher education.

Many of us are wanting to increase the education we have. This can be for many reasons. Get a different job. Progress within the current job. Have more knowledge to share with the world. Make it easier to teach things to our kids, or maybe just to show off our brain power.

Whatever the reason, it’s great to continue learning and growing throughout our lives and beyond.
However, some of you may not be pursuing more learning due to how much it can cost to go to college or university.
Well if you have already gone for scholarships and grants and don’t need the actual degree, just the knowledge, then there are some low cost and free options for learning. (These do not award a college degree but many are the same education as getting a degree)

1. Free education sites – There are multiple sites where you can find the text books, lectures and more all online for free. Some of these come directly from the University departments that are teaching the courses.
Here are a few sites you can check out. – Has a lot of courses, but watch out for the large amount of advertisements on the page. – Lists many courses from top universities as well as audios/podcasts.

Self Made Scholar – Has a wide selection of free online courses. (Some courses can also be taken for credit but do require tuition)

Guide to Online Schools – Good range of topics. Includes courses from universities like MIT. Make sure to browse around the individual school sites listed so you find all the information options available to you.

Technophilia: Get a free college education online – Article at which lists some various courses and tips for finding more using the search engines.

Also try your favorite search engine. ‘free classes’ ‘free courses’ ‘online courses’ etc. (Check out the LifeHacker article for searching tips.)

2. Local Library – Most libraries have a lot more than books. There are informational dvd’s, non-fiction audio books to listen while in the car or whever you are. Even mp3’s.
We enjoy going to our County Library’s website and requesting specific dvd’s or books on cd. We then get an email when it’s ready for us to check it out.

3. Lectures and Discussion groups
Check out the government sites, local community newspapers, websites, library, your neighbor etc. to find out about free presentations, lectures, and groups within your area.

You may also find websites or companies that offer a free course hoping you will purchase other courses in the future and there is no commitment to do so. A lot of them honestly want to give good information to you. A good general example is Simpleology.

There is a wealth of free information and learning available if we are willing to spend some time doing it. Check out some of the resources above and find something that interests you today.

Those who keep learning stay at the head of the pack and find more ways to enjoy or simplify their lives.

Let me know of other great free learning resources you enjoy by leaving a comment.

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