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Thank You

Thank you for the sky. Thank you for the earth. Thank you for the trees. Thank you for the art created by God and nature. Thank you for the art created by people. Thank you for the people in my family. Thank you for the friends who genuinely love and care for me. Thank you […]

Peaceful Morning

Enjoyed a peaceful walk with our one year old this morning. Amazing how just a short time outside improves the mood and the day. Bookmark It

Thankful for life – everyday

Today I am grateful for the many wonderful things I have in life and just for life in general. I am thankful for each day that I have with the wonderful people in my life. This may not be a completely happy story but hopefully inspires you to be grateful for what you have today. […]

My New Year not quite a Holiday Special for a few

There are many people and businesses who have been offering special deals past few months.  Sometimes it’s to get a few more items out of the warehouse, or a few more customers before starting the new year, or just to finally make a good profit for the year. That’s not why I’m offering this to […]

Playing at Lake Tahoe

Play and let go!

My family and I returned from a week’s vacation in Lake Tahoe California a while ago.  Let me just say that it is a beautiful place to spend some time! The lake is beautiful with multiple colors depending on the depth. Including one of the deepest, clearest blues I’ve seen on any lake.  Also, I […]