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Get a free higher education.

Many of us are wanting to increase the education we have. This can be for many reasons. Get a different job. Progress within the current job. Have more knowledge to share with the world. Make it easier to teach things to our kids, or maybe just to show off our brain power. Whatever the reason, […]

Ignite Your Soul Video

The New Zealanders at Inspirationz Inc set out to create the world’s most inspiring and best motivational video to celebrate the launch of their revolutionary motivational wall art catalogue. They wanted to provide you with an experience you can call upon whenever you need a spiritual boost; something that you can plug into to fuel […]

My New Year not quite a Holiday Special for a few

There are many people and businesses who have been offering special deals past few months.  Sometimes it’s to get a few more items out of the warehouse, or a few more customers before starting the new year, or just to finally make a good profit for the year. That’s not why I’m offering this to […]

Believe in yourself. You’ve already done it.

It’s amazing how much we can and can’t do based on what we believe we can do.  I’ve seen it in adults as well as children.  Even just today I saw it in myself. As some know, I really enjoy rock climbing.  I usually do it indoors at a great local climbing gym.  There are […]