My New Year not quite a Holiday Special for a few

There are many people and businesses who have been offering special deals past few months.  Sometimes it’s to get a few more items out of the warehouse, or a few more customers before starting the new year, or just to finally make a good profit for the year.

That’s not why I’m offering this to you.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t see anything wrong with the reasons listed above.  Most (or all) of us live in a way that the items we use require money to acquire.  We get to do something to get the things we need and desire.

But what got me thinking about doing this special actually happened a while ago.  My immediate and extended family and I were on a vacation in beautiful Lake Tahoe for a week.  Wonderful views and activities.  All ages having a good time.  (Thank you brother for organizing it!) We didn’t want to come home, but it was time.  On the way home we were driving through and stayed a night in a medium to smaller sized town in Nevada.

That evening I wandered around and checked out the casinos as they always seem interesting.  It didn’t take me long to lose the $15 dollars I had decided I was willing to take a chance on.  (Actually about 12 dollars and then I went across the street to get a treat at the local grocery store which I deemed a better return on my money.)  But I enjoy people watching so I wandered and watched some of the people in 3 different casinos and saw basically the same thing.

People weren’t winning money, but they so desperately wanted more money that they kept going and going.  I could see determination but no passion in their faces.

And it’s not just in casinos or Nevada.  There are people everywhere just going through the same motions day after day.  Usually in some job they just don’t want to be at because it’s not a good fit for them.  It may pay the bills but there is always more than one way to do that.  And some of those ways can fit in with your passions and interest.

Anyway,  to keep this from getting too long just let me tell you that I really do love making a difference in peoples lives.  I love assisting them in finding passion and purpose again.  It’s really a joyful experience moving past the obstacles in our lives and shift into enjoying what we are doing!

To see what you will get please go to the main page at my new website, .  (That link will open in a new window or tab.)  Then look over briefly what we do with the Ignite Your Purpose blueprinting.

Next come back here and send me a message (under ‘Contact Shane‘) on why you want to do the Purpose Blueprinting and what you desire to achieve from going through the sessions with me. Whether it’s getting clear direction, knowing what type of career to do, or moving past not doing the ‘right’ things… Whatever you feel. There’s no wrong answer.

Originally I was going to offer the discount for only 1 person but I feel I get to offer it to 3.  Sooo, the first 3 people to leave a comment on this article sharing why they want to do the Purpose Blueprinting will get it for only $275 !  That is more than half off what is normally charged for this great service!

This can make the difference in achieving your desires and having a wonderful 2011 and beyond.

If you have questions not answered at then feel free to ask me!

P.S. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you follow your true and loving passions and desires!

Playing at Lake Tahoe

Play and let go!

My family and I returned from a week’s vacation in Lake Tahoe California a while ago.  Let me just say that it is a beautiful place to spend some time!
The lake is beautiful with multiple colors depending on the depth. Including one of the deepest, clearest blues I’ve seen on any lake.  Also, I love the majestic trees all around, and smaller lakes within 5 to 20 minutes of Lake Tahoe and some really nice waterfalls on top of it all.

During our time there I realized a few things.

First,  There are absolutely beautiful places throughout the world.  There are so many places I haven’t seen yet but I’ve seen a few and there is beauty to be found anywhere.  If we we’re willing to see it.

Second,  it is soooo important to let ourselves play and have fun.  It was good vacation but I still found myself not completely letting go.  Really enjoying myself for longer than a few minutes.  One day,  everybody was either off doing something else or resting and I had really wanted to go mountain biking and spend more time at the beach.  So,  I did.  I hopped on my bike and followed the bike paths towards the beach til there is a small turn off to take the dirt trails that are close to the main paved trail that leads down to Pope Beach close to where we were on the sounth end.  It was a great trail.  Not too dificult, fun turns and small bumps, winding through trees away from the main traffic and people.  (If you don’t like mountain biking you would probably enjoy walking this trail.)

And some other things I learned…

If you want peace and joy in your life, it is possible.  Look for it and accept the possibilities into your life. (Find a way to make it happen. )

It’s fine to do some things alone and great to do them with others.

There are joy and challenges wherever we go.  Depends on our focus, sometimes unconscious, as to what we get most often.

Photo newsletter

I love art and photography and inspiration also.  I really like to combine those also.  So… I’m happy to announce that I’ve started a free email newsletter that you can start receiving right away.  I’m calling it “Photo Thoughts”.

Photo Thoughts is a weekly newsletter delivered to your email inbox.  It features one of my photos and an inspiring quote and/or thought along with it.  A great way to have some more positive motivation in your life.

You can subscribe on the right hand side of the page here at

Feel free to let me know what you think of it in the comments of this post.

Thanks and have a great week!

Kayaking in New Zealand

Improve My Health

At the beginning of this year there were probably many who have made a resolution to lose weight, eat healthier, or just in general “improve my health”.  Well… now is as good a time as any to start, or improve in, caring for our health.

There are countless ways to go about this and the best way for you depends on your body and lifestyle. Most of us are exposed to situations in our daily lives that can be hard on our bodies.  For me a couple of those would be the air in our city during the winter and the fact that I work at a computer for at least part of the day.  Air pollution is hard on our bodies because we take it straight into our system.  Sitting down can be stressful on the back and other parts of the body and of course means the body is not being exercised. (Hint: take little breaks for water and stretching)

I recommend you consult with your doctor or trusted health professional as to how to improve your health.  I will however share some information I’ve learned over the years from my own health and the health of others close to me.  If you’re short on time, at least check out number 1.

1. Stress – Reduce it!  (Notice I didn’t say eliminate it.  Though that would be best)  In my observations, pretty much all disease and lack of health can be attributed to stress in one form or another.  This can be mental and emotional stress and it can also be direct physical stress from too much exposure to unhealthy elements around us, like the air pollution in our large cities, or just a lack of healthy things like raw vegetables and clean water.  Basically if you take the stress off the body it begins to heal itself as it was designed to do.  And the big one for many of us is the stress eating.

2. Eat Well – Find ways of eating healthy foods.  If you like to snack, prepare some healthy snacks in advance that you can grab quickly from the fridge or cupboard.  Washed and cut up vegetables, nuts, fruits (be careful if you’re diabetic), whole grain foods etc..
Make sure that you eat healthy at meal times.  Prepare extra food when you cook so you can quickly warm up something the next day or soon after instead of going for a traditional frozen meal or eating out.  If you do eat out, make it the exception instead of the norm and choose a place that has a selection of fresh healthy food.  One of our favorites here is Cafe Rio.  Fresh and tasty. :-)

Make a general rule to have fruits and/or vegetables with every meal.
I had a hard time with this one at first.  Try this. For breakfast have a healthy shake.  By using a blender or a simple stick blender I can combine fruit, juices, rice milk, or maybe some milk if want it creamy (but watch out for the artificial hormones in many brands), protein powder and green powder, or maybe some fresh spinach, into a really tasty and healthy smoothie.  Now the natural sugar may be a bit high for some people but I exercise regularly and get some really good greens and protein in this way.
A green powder I’ve used is called Perfect Food by Garden of Health.  (The best price I’ve found so far is from  However, if you can use fresh vegetables that’s probably better.

600 gram Green Powder600 gram Green Powder

The Protein Powder is a Whey Protein .  ( I get a 5 lb. bag of the Vanilla flavor at Costco or Sam’s Club for just over $30 that lasts me two or three months)
I don’t know if either one of these is considered the best but they work well for me. Feel free to look up some comparisons online.  You may find some that are better for you.  If you do, let me know in the comments below and why you feel it is better.

So this part doesn’t get any longer…  Look for the latest info and also the longest running info on what is healthy to eat and then start doing it even if it is in small steps.

3. Drink it up –  One of the best ways to stay healthy (and snack less) is to keep a bottle of clean water close by and drink a little every few minutes.  (Before you get thirsty.  Thirst is usually your body’s way of saying that it is too low on liquids already.)  Make sure to clean the bottle frequently.

I would love to tell you how much water you should drink each day but there are hundreds of different ideas out there.  You can check out a basic guide from the Mayo clinic here. And you may like this calculator at

4. Get Moving –  Yes we all know it, but how many of us exercise enough?  If you don’t have a regular exercise program start something today.  It can be as simple as a few stretches every morning and parking the car farther from the door in the beginning.  Then as you get used to that, add some more to it.  You’re doctor may have some great suggestions for you if you have some health issues.  Almost anybody can do some kind of exercise.  I have a friend who is in a wheelchair due to being paralyzed from around the waist down, has a son to take care of and work to do, and he finds time to do stretches and exercises regularly.

In summary,  reduce your stress and deal with issues you may have from the past, drink lots of water and eat lots of raw veggies, and get your muscles movin’.

Remember to take small steps and develop good habits.  Focus on 1 or 2 things and develop those into habits and then add on more healthy habits as you get accustomed to the others.  If you can increase without getting too stressed then that may work for you.

Be good to your body and watch your mood and energy levels improve.


My wife and I have been learning about using natural essential oils for a healthy body.  It is really amazing what can be done! If you’re interested, we’ve learned most of it from doTerra Essential Oils.  And there is a blog at that has good quality information and tips about using the oils instead of the medicine cabinet.

Believe in yourself. You’ve already done it.

It’s amazing how much we can and can’t do based on what we believe we can do.  I’ve seen it in adults as well as children.  Even just today I saw it in myself.

As some know, I really enjoy rock climbing.  I usually do it indoors at a great local climbing gym.  There are times where I’m almost to the top of a climbing route, after having done several other routes, and my arms and stamina just don’t feel like they can go on any longer.  I’m tempted to ask the belayer (person holding the other end of the rope to keep me safe) to let me down.  However, I’ve come to learn that if I pause for a moment, take a deep breath or two, shake out the tired arms, and then just really decide that I can do it, and immediately go for it…  That’s when I get to the top and seems so quick and short.

Now, I know that probably most of you reading this don’t go rock climbing, even indoors.  That’s o.k.  The principle can be applied to anything.  Anytime we are getting close to a ‘goal’ and feel that we can’t make it, is usually when we are so close to actually achieving that goal or getting over the ‘hump’ where it will start flowing easier and more enjoyably.

Remember to take a deep breath (relax and gather your focus as necessary) and then decide, or remember, that Yes,  you can do this thing!  Then take that inspired action and go for it!  Don’t think about it too much, just do it.

If you like,  print out the wise words below and tape them up where you can see them easily each day.

“Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I shall have the belief that I can do it. I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it, even if I may not have it at the beginning.”

Mahatma Gandhi
1869-1948, Indian Nationalist Leader

Whether we’ve achieved something or not, we have believed in that part of us, good or not so good.  Believe the good and have a great week!

Who is Shane?

Welcome to my site.  I am excited to share a little more about me with you.  Feel free to browse the posts I have as well as the other pages I have here, including what other websites and things I do.

Rock Climbing Ratings

I may have mentioned before that I love to go rock climbing. I have only done it indoors at this point but I am excited to go outdoors once it thaws a little here in Northern Utah. I started climbing when my beautiful wife got me some lessons for my 35th birthday while we lived in New Zealand.

Now, there are several ways of rating the difficulty of the climb and I have often wondered how the climbs I did New Zealand compared with those I’ve done in Salt Lake City. Sooo, I was pleased to find this comparison chart on WikiPedia today and will show it here so others can easily compare and so I can too. 🙂

If you haven’t tried climbing yet I highly recommend it. Even if you are a little afraid of heights. (I am too.)
Just start out in a climbing gym or with someone who is very good at climbing safely.

Free climbing ratings comparison table

A comparison chart for some of the free climbing rating systems in use around the world:

Free Climbing Grading Systems


French UIAA Saxon Ewbank (Australia, NZ & South Africa) Finnish Norwegian Brazilian
5.2 1 I I Isup
5.3 2 II II 11 II
5.4 3 III III 12 3 IIsup
5.5 4a VD 4 IV IV 12 4 III
5.6 S 5a V+ V 13 5− 5− IIIsup
5.7 4b HS 5b VI- VI 14 5 5 IV
4c 15
5.8 VS 5c VI VIIa 16 5+ 5+ IVsup
5.9 5a HVS 6a VI+ VIIb 17 6− V
5.10a E1 6a+ VII- VIIc 18 6− 6−/6 VI
5.10b 5b 6b VII 19 6 VI/VI+
5.10c E2 6b+ VII+ VIIIa 20 6 6+ VIsup/VI+
5.10d 5c 6c VIIIb 21 7- VIsup
5.11a E3 6c+ VIII− VIIIc 22 6+ 7 7a
5.11b 6c+ VIII- 23 7b
5.11c 6a E4 7a VIII IXa 24 7− 7+ 7c
5.11d 7a VIII IXb 7c
5.12a E5 7a+ VIII+ IXc 25 7+ 7+/8− 8a
5.12b 6b 7b 26 8− 8- 8b
5.12c E6 7b+ IX− Xa 27 8 8 8c
5.12d 6c 7c IX Xb 28 8+ 8/8+ 9a
5.13a E7 7c+ IX+ Xc 29 9− 8+ 9b
5.13b 8a 9 9- 9c
5.13c 7a 8a+ X− 30 9+ 9−/9 10a
5.13d E8 8b X 31 10− 9 10b
5.14a 8b+ X+ 32 10 9/9+ 10c
5.14b 7b 8c 33 10+ 9+ 11a
5.14c E9 8c+ XI− 34 11− 10− 11b
5.14d 7c 9a XI 35 11 10 11c
5.15a 9a+ XI+ 10+ 12a
5.15b 9b 12b