There are a variety of ways to experience more joy in your life.  Here is some of what I offer.

Purpose Coaching – This and the Body Work I do is probably the most important and satisfying thing I can do for others at this time, outside of being with and caring for my family.  So many, many people are not living their true purpose and passions in this life and while they may have great experiences they still are not living life to their fullfillment and complete joy.  Check out my site at to see what you can do to experience more joy and satisfaction on a daily basis.

Body and Mind Work
I am a Certified Reiki Practitioner and also use the AromaTouch Technique with doTerra Essential oils for most of my clients. I love how when used together these have a profound effect on the whole health of the individual, assisting the physical, emotional and mental well-being of those who receive the treatments.  This is better than just treating symptoms since it works on the ‘whole’ self, so that the cause of the dis-ease can be worked on or eliminated, in conjunction with life changes, which can help prevent the symptoms from returning and open up a truly enjoyable life.

For any of these wellbeing services please visit my website at for more info and to schedule an appointment.


Inspire University– Personal Development resource that is a little different. Most or all of the articles, audios, and video help people learn how to find their own inspiration and motivation as opposed to others who may require you to keep coming back for more motivation.  It’s important to find what motivates and inspires us not just from outside sources but also from within so we can always feel motivated or refresh the motivation and inspiration at any given time and anywhere.

Photography– I love art in many forms and one that I have used since I was a child is photography.

Please check out some of my work at and