Who is Shane?

Even as a teenager I often would listen to friends “problems” and enjoyed assisting them in working through them or finding solutions.

I love personal development, growth and connection to divinity.  And, it’s even more fun to connect with and share those with others and see them enjoy their own growth along their own personal path.
I was born and raised in the western state of Utah close to Salt Lake City which is where my lovely wife and I currently reside with our two wonderful children .  We have also lived in Arizona and recently lived in beautiful New Zealand for over two years.

I am a nature lover and am generally most at peace while in the mountains or  other places surrounded by trees and/or water.  ( I enjoy some good mountain bike riding also along any not too difficult trail, but don’t tell anybody…)

Some of my passions are Purpose Work, Family and Friends, Photography and Art, Nature and Natural Health and being active throughout the day. Somewhat contrary to nature I also always enjoy checking out a new electronic ‘toy’.