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Time to review our parenting? 

A wise coach and mother I know shared this article. I’m putting it here so I can read it. Feel free to check it out. Bookmark It

Photo newsletter

I love art and photography and inspiration also.  I really like to combine those also.  So… I’m happy to announce that I’ve started a free email newsletter that you can start receiving right away.  I’m calling it “Photo Thoughts”. Photo Thoughts is a weekly newsletter delivered to your email inbox.  It features one of my […]

Who is Shane?

Welcome to my site.  I am excited to share a little more about me with you.  Feel free to browse the posts I have as well as the other pages I have here, including what other websites and things I do. Bookmark It

Rock Climbing Ratings

I may have mentioned before that I love to go rock climbing. I have only done it indoors at this point but I am excited to go outdoors once it thaws a little here in Northern Utah. I started climbing when my beautiful wife got me some lessons for my 35th birthday while we lived […]


More than 2 months since my last post! I must be on Facebook too much. 😉 Been going indoor rock climbing a couple of times a week at a local climbing gym here in the Salt Lake area. Arms and back are getting strong and toned. (Just need to work on the belly now.) Family […]

Last day for XCM special package

Just a quick heads up that the 10 for a dollar deal on theon the XCM CashMaps Limited Edition Package ends today. And there’s an Unannounced Bonus Mark is holding a special training call next weekfor all of the thousands of people who grabbed theXCM package. They’ll be walking you through the Mother Map […]

Choose your CashMap

Today is your last chance to get in onthe pre-launch giveaway bonanza for theXCM CashMaps Special Edition package. You can grab a complimentary copy ofone of these 3 CashMaps: 1) Put the MO back in your mojo: 2) Slay the email vampire: 3) Financial survival CashMap: Hmmmm… which one could you most use today? Go […]